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At Celestial Sunshine Yoga, we make sure to give our students the utmost attention and dedication they deserve. Their satisfaction is our greatest source of pride. Check out what’s being said about us, and see how yoga can be life changing.

Reviews: Testimonials

I look forward to my sessions every week. I work as a nail technician and own my own salon and yoga has helped with my back, neck, and shoulder pain and relieve stress. As a business owner it’s a challenge to make it to a studio and I love the convenience of virtual sessions. I definitely recommend Celestial Sunshine Yoga for personal and group classes!

Jessica G.

I am so thankful for Celestial Sunshine's virtual classes. Having the availability to practice at home has been so comforting. Knowing yoga is there, with friendly faces on the screen, and the safety of your own mat, in your own home, has been fantastic.


I find Mary's sessions to be grounding. The mindful nature of poses and transitions give a measure of ease even during difficult times. The invitation to explore, and humility of attitude as an instructor, while maintaining respect for one’s body and others, gives a sense of safety as well.


Mary's online sessions have become a mainstay of my weekly routine. Her focus on keeping us healthy through Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation have helped to keep me grounded and focused on the important things.

Jeb H.

Mary is wonderful, you can tell she loves what she does!  Mary is so easy to work with and she makes each class a little different and a little more interesting.  I love how Mary takes into account the different levels that each person can attain.  I was so relaxed I think I dozed off!  

I always feel good after these sessions and Mary always makes sure everyone is ok.  Mary is awesome as always!  Very thoughtful and wants the best for her attendees!  I felt very relaxed and I didn't want to lose that feeling!  

Bev, in MD

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